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Frequently Asked Questions:

Pricing (Top)

If I want to have cards printed and shipped to me so that I can mail them myself? Is there a different cost for this? Will these cards still have addresses and/or postal marks on them?

The price per card drops since we are not including postage or labeling services. These cards will not have addresses or postage printed on them. (See Pricing for more information.)

Is there any price break on volume mailings?

Yes, there is a price break on volume mailings, provided that no other discount is being applied to your order. (See Pricing for volume discount details.)

Processing and Delivery Time  (Top)

What is your turnaround time for order processing?

Once you submit payment and send your order to us, it goes into our mail queue, is previewed, and is then sent on to the printer. The processing timetable is as follows:

All drop ship orders are shipped via UPS. Orders received by 3:00 pm CST are sent out the same business day. Orders received after 3:00 pm are shipped out the next business day.

*Postcard orders being mailed out are processed within one business day, and are then delivered to the USPS for delivery the following business day. Orders received between 3:00 pm Friday and 8:00 am Monday are processed on Monday (The next business day.)

How long will it take before my cards reach the public?

Delivery times vary dependant on location and order timeframe. Average delivery time for West Coast mailings is 5-7 business days. Average delivery time on orders placed elsewhere in the country is 7-10 business days. Holidays, weekends, and postal delivery guideline can also affect delivery times. Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Can I get sample cards sent to me, so I know when my cards are reaching the public?

Yes, we will automatically print a sample card for each order you place and send them to the billing address you have listed in your profile at no extra charge to you!

Choosing and Editing a Card  (Top)

How do I see the backs of the templates?

Placing your cursor over the Show Back line will change the image from the front of the card to the back. You can see the full back image by clicking on the card in question, (which will bring up the front in full screen), and then clicking Continue, (which will show you the back.)

What is the Postcard Profile and what can I do with this option?

The Postcard Profile allows you to store your picture, company logo, and contact information into your free account for quick usage on our site. Once you load these images and information, they will automatically merge into any card template you choose, letting you customize a pre-designed template within seconds.

What format does my picture have to be in for me to be able to upload it?

Your picture should be in a .JPEG (.jpg), format before you upload it to our system.

What format does my logo have to be in?

Your logo should be in a .GIF or .JPEG (.jpg) format before you upload it to our system.

Some of the cards have Latin written on the back of them? Why is this?

That Latin text is an editable field. Click on it, and you’ll be able to write over it (and what you write will come out in English!) It’s just an example of how much space you have to work with, and what style font your text will be in.

Designing Your Own Card and Custom Design Options  (Top)

Can I design my own card?

Yes, you can upload your own designs to our site using our Load Your Own Design category. The Load Your Own Design are specially designed templates that allow you the freedom of placing your existing design layouts on top of a blank worksheet. This gives you access to all of our mailing and printing options while freeing you to design your own postcards. You can build your card from scratch then load what you’ve done onto our templates. Create, save, and mail as many cards as you’d like.

Can I design my own flyer?

You can upload your finished flyer design(s) using our Load Your Own Design category. This gives you the freedom of placing your existing design layouts on top of a blank worksheet. You can build your flyer from scratch then load what you’ve done onto our templates. Create, save, and order as many flyers as you’d like.

Can I create a card by using a front image that I supply, and one of your template backs?

Yes. There are templates in the Load Your Own Design category that have blank fronts attached to various template backs of ours.

What format do my images have to be in for me to be able to load them onto the Load Your Own Design cards?

Your images MUST be in a .JPEG (.jpg) format (300dpi or greater) for them to properly load onto these templates.

I have my image(s) already laid out. How do I load them onto the Load Your Own Design templates?

Just click the top left hand corner of the card, and you load your image when prompted by the Drop Image in box

Do I have to leave any room for the address/postal mark? Where do I leave that room? And how much do I leave?

The address and postal mark go in the bottom right hand corner of the back of the card. Please leave space in that area for the address box.

On a 6x9 card: Leave 4.125x3 inches in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
On a 4x6 card: Leave 3.8x2.63 inches in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Mailing Lists and Address Farming  (Top)

Who are the cards addressed to if I use your data solutions?

Owner-occupied mailings are addressed to the homeowner by name. Renter mailings are addressed to "Our friends at".

What does the Circle Prospecting tool do?

The Circle Prospecting tool generates addresses around a center point. Enter in an address, choose single-family homes and/or multifamily homes, include renters if you wish, then select the number of addresses you’d like to mail to, and the system will pull that amount from around your central point. This data is "free."

Where do the addresses in your Circle Prospecting maps come from?

To ensure the highest level of addressing accuracy for your mailing, our system uses address data from a leading national provider, which compiles this information from public records and databases and CASS certifies it for accuracy.

I want to use Circle Prospecting, but my address won’t come up. Why is that?

Circle Prospecting may not find addresses that are less than a few years old, such as new developments or housing projects, if they have not shown up in enough public databases yet.

Can I upload my own personal database? How many can I upload and store?

Yes, you can upload and save as many personal databases as you’d like. These will remain saved in your account for your exclusive use.

What format does my database file have to be in for me to be able to upload it into your system?

To work in our system, your database only has to:
*Be in .CSV (Comma Delimited Format)
*Contain Five Columns (Six if you’re including Company Name) in this order:

  1. Name (First and Last in the Same Column) Names must be in column A
  2. Company name (Optional)
  3. Address (Street address must be in column B)
  4. City (City must be in column C)
  5. State (State must in column D)
  6. Zip (Zip must be in column E)

How do I make my file a .CSV file?

If your file is in Excel format, it can easily be made into a .CSV format. Simply:

  1. Open the file in Excel
  2. Choose “File” from the top left hand corner of the page
  3. Choose “Save As” from the pull down menu
  4. In the “Save as Type” menu at the bottom of the pop-up screen, choose CSV (Comma Delimited)
  5. Hit the “Save” button, and save this new version of the file to your desktop.
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